Joy and Patrick’s Backyard summer wedding ceremony and reception invited family members for an intimate celebration..  There is something extraordinary about inhabiting a space with celebration and love, and even better for Joy and Patrick that their celebration filled their own spaces as they exchanged vows in the shade and danced, joked, played board games, and enjoyed food lovingly prepared by  her parents the guests.  Typically, couples choose additional locations for their portraits; it was a creative opportunity to utilize the same space in multiple ways to showcase the great connection between these two.  This allowed for the couple and their family members to continue to enjoy each other, which turned out to be awesome. Joy’s outdoor flower garden, garlands handmade by her father, a homemade flan cake also made the décor meaningful.  I will remember this wedding as a truly unique, homey, and whimsical party.  I even have a t-shirt to prove it, Joy and Patrick’s self-designed and totally fun parting gift for their guests. Enjoy!