I Just did a fun engagement photography with Romy and Rose. This was long in the making, and these two were really excited and prepared. A nice thing about an engagement session is the opportunity to work with the couple in advance. In a way, this helps build a relationship, and is conducive to a feeling of comfort and ease in front of the camera. This allows the couple to be themselves while doing what comes naturally to them. Oftentimes,  this is actually the first photographic experience the couple have had together and it goes a long way in helping break the ice and prepare for the wedding day. Oh…and I enjoy the experience, as well, ha! For Romy and Rose, the lush natural setting of Wheaton’s Cantigny Park was the ideal location for some good times with a photographer. As you can see in the photographs below, they had a great experience.

I love Chicago Indian weddings.  Indian weddings are typically multiple-day events involving rich cultural ceremonies, food, and dancing as a part of the celebration.  These traditions honor the bonds between family and friends.  Rose and Romy’s wedding is coming up soon. They decided early on to have their wedding in India where most of their family members live. For many, this makes lots of logistical and financial sense. In fact, prior to celebrating the weddings in Chicago, many Indian brides and grooms make the trip back home to get ceremonial items as well as the attire: the saris, and sherwanis, bracelets and other jewelry.  I wish i could be joining Romy and Rose in India, but instead I’ll be cheering for them in spirit as I document another Indian wedding here in Chicago that day.  I wish them both the best as they make this journey together.

Now to the pictures… Cheers!


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