I had a lot of fun shooting Emily and Mike’s Chicago Engagement Photography.  Sure, I could talk about how the “windy city” almost swept the couple off their feet or how the “planets aligned” for these two lovebirds as they posed near the Adler Planetarium, but I’ll spare you the cheesy lines.  Instead, I’ll say that I enjoyed working with this very natural and casual pair.  Their expressions were candid, full of life, and love for each other despite being spit on by Lake Michigan’s waves and despite Emily’s hair being tossed in her face by the wind on this blustery fall day.  She didn’t complain, but laughed instead; this bodes well for the wedding day!  Definitely not your typical “glamorous” engagement shoot, but one that managed to surprise and delight in its simplicity, I hope you enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed taking them!