Black and white wedding photography is requested often for my Chicago weddings.  For elegance and timelessness with a modern edge, black and white images never fail to disappoint me.  It’s as simple and classic as the groom hanging out with his boys before the ceremony, reminiscing and drinking before going on an all-boys’ photo shoot during which one of the groomsmen fell down a steep incline and actually “bounced.”  No need to pull out my hat tricks for genuine smiles with this group.  It’s as simple and classic as the bride wearing her veil for the first time and walking down the aisle of the Cathedral, perfect posture, with eyes only for her groom who waits expectantly.  It’s as simple and classic as elaborate table settings which are nothing compared to the smile of a mother dancing with her son, as the flower girl who stole the show, as a bride who belly laughs while reminiscing with friends.  Black and white – its language is universal.  I hope you enjoy this series of images.