Although, as I said in my last post, big churches have been good to me lately, I was ready for a chance to mix-it-up with an outdoor venue.  Ken and Sara’s wedding at the Del Webb community in Huntley, IL.  was a breath of fresh air, literally.  Sara had contacted me a few months ago inquiring specifically about outdoor weddings.  She mentioned that she had seen my work as she searched for a Chicagoland wedding photographer and admired the various weddings featured on my site.  I’m always flattered when my work makes such a good introduction for me.

Outdoor weddings are fabulous, especially when the weather allows for it.  They allow me to capture nature, beautiful landscapes, and incorporate those settings into the ceremony and reception, using them to highlight the celebration.  Truly, every couple looks stunning against nature’s backdrop.

I love the vibrancy of this wedding.  The strong, vivid tones of the flowers, the lush foliage, the variety of expressions worn on the bride’s face, the emotions displayed by the groom after the ceremony, the small and intimate reception where all guests were interconnected.  There was so much for me to explore.  I enjoyed playing spy through the trees during the ceremony, something I try to do when the venue allows for it.

As I was working on these images, I couldn’t help but keep a smile on my face because of the good vibes and emotions coming out of every single image.  This was not just my own perception, but it is actually how these two individuals are in real life.  As I met with them, I was able to experience firsthand their genuineness toward each other and their down-to-earth temperaments.  I challenge you to go through these images without having a smile on your face, as well.

Best to you, Ken and Sara, as you begin this journey together.