Everything was just right for Emily and Mike’s Chicago St. Alphonsus Wedding. It all started at the Palmer House, with the ceremony  at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church and ended at Beverly Country Club. After the ceremony, dark clouds were hovering over the city of Chicago, and I thought that, for once, the weather man would be right in his prediction for afternoon thunderstorms. The rain stopped just in time, though, and we were able to carry on as planned. The bride wore pink shoes, an enchanting dress with ornate lace overlay, and was good-natured enough to run with abandon, hand-in-hand with her groom into a flock of seagulls on North Avenue Beach for one of my favorite shots of the day. While we made our way down the beach, unobtrusively, two young girls trailed the wedding party.  I didn’t notice them until they darted into my frame to offer the bride and groom hand-picked “good luck” flowers.  This was one of the tenderest gestures I’ve seen for a while.  Simple and unstaged, I’m glad I was there to capture it.  After traveling around the city to multiple locations, we then took photographs on the greens at the reception location, where i witnessed some endearing moments between the bride and her emotional and proud father. So I think that we managed to get just about every kind of good shot in that day, including all of the meaningful moments captured during the reception as guests enjoyed themselves in celebration with the newlyweds.